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ASR VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills

ASR VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mills are proven in dozens of milling applications and are the latest enhancement process for ASR recovery. The unique grinding action reduces the non-metallic minerals to enhance metals recovery.
Are you trying to recover additional precious metals like gold, silver and platinum from your ASR fines? Effective grinding performance and energy savings are the result of the VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Mill’s natural frequency design. The sub-resonant, Two-Mass drive and spring system for minimal energy requirement and optimal performance are able to fracture rock, glass, and other materials into fine powder. This material can then be easily screened to achieve a concentrated metals stream. This also increases the efficiency of subsequent equipment by providing a better product. Contact GK to find out if we can improve your grinding process.



  • Increased precious metals recovery from ASR fines stream.
  • Low energy requirements for efficient operation.
  • Can use any type of grinding media.
  • Non-rotating body allows for simple input and outlet connections.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.


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