A shredder operator had a need to re-feed Auto Shred Residue (ASR) back into their system for non-ferrous removal. The material is mostly fluff and light weight by nature. In order to meet plant capacity, a large volume of ASR would have to be staged, conveyed, and then metered at the appropriate rate to meet the demand.

The volume was large due to the light density of the ASR. In order to stage enough material, a large unit would have to be considered thereby freeing up the loader operator to perform his other duties. Staging the material in a stationary hopper would not be the best approach. Light weight material in a stationary hopper could either blind over the opening resulting in inconsistent flow or even complete stoppage. This application called for a live vibratory hopper to keep the light material moving eliminating any impediment to material flow.

General Kinematics designed, and built a single vibratory trough with a storage capacity approximately 1,620 FT3. The vibratory trough was 8’/10’ wide by 5’ tall and 36’ long. With the live hopper design, all the material would be energized and conveyed together eliminating any material hang ups. The large storage capacity allowed the loader operator to drop several quick loads before being required back to fill up again.

The end result was a reliable unit with the proper combination of storage capacity, live action, and metering ability to handle this problematic material.

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  • Amy Donahue