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Conveyors: Highways of your Process

 by Sarah Maher,

Conveyors are often overlooked when it comes to processing equipment, something that many take for granted like the road that leads to work, or home, or the store. They move your material from one process to the next until it is complete. It’s a simple enough task. But ponder for a minute what would happen if all of your conveyor equipment were to disappear. It’s a scary thought. Nothing would flow in your process. Everyone would be scrambling to move materials; there would be backups everywhere; and output would go way, way down. For some, it may bring to mind a scene from a Godzilla movie where everyone is running around in circles while everything crumbles around them.


Okay, now look at your line, the conveyors are back. Everything is running smoothly and your process is flowing. In reality, your conveyors will not all simultaneously vanish in an instant. But what happens when one breaks down? What happens when it stops working correctly and damages your product? Let’s be honest, one of the biggest qualities we should be looking for in conveyors is dependability. However for some this is not the reality. When you look at the conveyors in your system is that what you see?


Murphy’s Law

A general rule of thumb when it comes to equipment is the more moving parts the more likely it is that one of them will break. General Kinematics vibrating conveyors use the power of vibration to move product down the line instead of a belt, eliminating the possibility of a tear or malfunction of the belt.


GK conveyors are a great option if you are handling a material with extreme temperature. Born in the foundry industry, General Kinematics has nearly 60 years of experience handling varying heats from a variety of materials in all shapes and sizes.

Food Safety

Food Safety regulations in the United States continue to trend on becoming stricter. It is important to use equipment that can be easily cleaned and does not promote the growth of bacteria. Vibratory equipment can be a great solution to sanitation regulations as your material can be moved with no fabrics that could absorb bacteria and be easily cleaned.


The Right Conveyor for You

General Kinematics has a long line of conveyors to chose from. The best way to find the perfect conveyor for your process is to talk to our engineers. However to get a taste of the different conveying options that GK has to choose from, listed below are some of our most popular conveyors.

Cooling Conveyors


Available in infinite lengths and widths this cooling conveyor uses the power of air and natural frequency to move your castings while cooling.

SPIRA-COOL® Vibratory Conveyor


The SPIRA-COOL® Vibratory Conveyor elevates castings while cooling. These spiral elevators are perfect for space saving and are completely enclosed making the conveyor quieter than other models. And one of the best parts? This cooling spiral can replace up to 400 feet of traditional cooling conveyor.

Flat-Stroke Conveyors


Using a flat-stroke conveyor by GK is a great way to move material coming in direct contact with employees. The Flat-stroke conveyor reduces noise that can be damaging to hearing and moves materials fluidly for delicate materials.


SYNCRO-COIL® Vibratory Conveyors

SYNCRO-COIL® Vibrating Conveyors

Ideal for heavy-duty material loads this conveyor is up for any challenge. This conveyor features heavy-duty trough construction and alloy coil springs. Dusty conditions are not a problem for this rugged conveyor.



Built for Our Customers

GK is proud to create equipment with our customers in mind. All GK equipment is built with the idea of a 20-30 year lifespan and for the purpose of a worry-free process. Give GK a call and talk to an engineer about a conveyor to complete your process.