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Upgrade your vibratory equipment with the latest replacement components from GK Parts.


Vibratory Stabilizer Legs
GK now carries vibratory stabilizer / rocker legs for other brands of vibratory equipment. GK stabilizers feature GK’s proven bushing technology, which are replaceable and last longer than typical molded rubber bushings. Should you have a stabilizer not listed on our site,no problem! Contact your GK parts specialist and we will create a stabilizer for your application that offers improved performance and a longer service life.
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Vibratory Motor
General Kinematics’ Vibratory Service Rated (VSR) motors are designed to withstand the substantial G-forces of two-mass vibratory equipment operation, which are much greater than found in typical brute force applications.
Significant advances in engineering, tooling, life-cycle testing, and technology have resulted in the most reliable motor available for vibratory applications. Built in conjunction with Marathon Electric, each motor is custom designed to application requirements utilizing 6 Sigma process criteria. Motors are also UL rated for explosion-proof applications. GK’s new VSR motors are a direct replacement for legacy motor designs found on GK feeders, screens, and other vibratory equipment. Motor conversion kits are also available for other brands of vibratory equipment.


Electro-Pneumatic Control Box
GK’s electro-pneumatic control boxes have been updated with the latest in technology to control GK’s proven Variable Force (VF) wheel systems.
Options include manual and automatic operation, outputs for integration into existing control systems, and variable output for precise adjustment of feed rate and stroke.
Ductile Stabilizer
GK’s patented 14″ center Ductile Stabilizer leg is designed for extreme applications where heavy-duty strength and abrasion resistance is required. GK Ductile Stabilizers offer similar mechanical performance as our premium aluminum stabilizer legs with the added abrasion resistance of ductile iron.
GK Ductile Stabilizer legs are a direct replacement fit for GK aluminum stabilzers, and will also fit on other brands of vibratory equipment with 14″ centers. Due to added weight of steel over aluminum, some machine retuning may be necessary… contact GK Parts for specific application information.

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