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De-stoner® air classifier for scrap

General Kinematics’ patented DE-STONER® Air Classifier is designed for continuous high volume production in a wide range of dry separation applications… and is a less costly alternative for removing unwanted “lights” from recovered ferrous material.

Completely dry system is capable of handling most scrap materials. Vibratory action, combined with high velocity /low-pressure air streams work in tandem to fluidize and stratify materials according to the differences in terminal velocity.

Typical applications include: shredded auto scrap and fluff, commingled materials, C&D, shredded MSW, biomass and RDF fuel.


•High-performance features assure dependable removal of unwanted “lights” from recovered scrap.

•Lower air requirements and operating costs than conventional “Z-Box style” classification equipment.

•Fully isolated to minimize foundation requirements.

•Easily adjusted to meet your specific separation & classification requirements.

•Dependable, energy-saving, PARA-MOUNT II® Two-Mass, natural frequency vibratory drive.

•Less headroom required for installation.




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