Green Sand Foundry

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    Spiral Conveyors: SPIRA-FLOW™

    General Kinematics vibrating SPIRA-FLOW™ Spiral Conveyors offer unmatched performance with added process features. Available in infinite lengths and heights, GK Spiral Conveyors are custom built for your specific application. Available […]

    Vibrating Charge Feeders

    General Kinematics vibrating furnace charge feeders and charge systems give you precise automated batch control, optional scrap drying and other charge enhancement capabilities. Equally important, automated systems help improve worker […]

    Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

    General Kinematics Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers are specially designed for evaporative cooling or drying of foundry sand. Air distribution decks are engineered to provide complete control of airflow for […]

    Alloy / Inoculant Systems

    General Kinematics Alloy Addition Systems take the guesswork out of your metallurgy. Alloy bins receive and store the ferro-silicone, graphite, or other additions, which is then transferred via vibratory feeder to […]

    TWO-WAY™ Vibratory Feeders

    TWO-WAY™ feeders from General Kinematics open up a wide range of process possibilities. The TWO-WAY™ bi-directional conveyance allows you to alternate material flow for multi-directional product processing, for rejection of […]

    VIBRA-DRUM® Sand Casting Equipment

    Depending on your unique application, different equipment solutions may fit your operations, such as sand preparation, pouring, molding, and casting better than others. In the past separate units would be […]

    VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler / Conditioner

    Uniquely flexible for a wide range of continuous processing needs, GK’s VIBRA-FIN™ indirect sand cooling units are ideally used for heating, cooling, or drying foundry sand or other free flowing […]

    Charge Pre-Heat Systems

    An Integrated Scrap Pre-Heat Process that Increases Furnace Productivity and Reduces Operating Costs By combining weigh hopper, pre-heat hood, material transfer, and furnace charging into a single automated process, General […]

    Shot Collection and Reclamation Solutions

    Collection GK vibrating solutions for shot collection integrate into existing and new shot blast installations to collect, screen, and redistribute shot back into the cleaning system. From shot return conveyors […]

    Blast Load Feeders

    General Kinematics vibrating Blast Load Feeders offer unparalleled flexibility in system design and efficiency. Vibrating Blast Load Feeders can be designed to index forward, backward, up, down and side to side, […]

    Charge Make-up Solutions

    Speed up charge cycles and accurately weigh your charge material with GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions. With GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions, materials are loaded into either a vibratory feeders or stationary […]

    DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryers and Cooling Drums

    GK’s DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryer and Cooling Drum combines sand cooling, sand and casting separation, and casting cooling in one efficient rotary drum. Gentle tumbling action, coupled with air circulation, creates an […]

    DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator

    The DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator combines innovative patented rotary technology with GK’s proven vibratory material transfer equipment to give you a long-lasting, easy to maintain solution for processing sprue, […]

    Sorting Conveyors

    General Kinematics vibratory Sorting Conveyors for post-blast processing present castings for easy access and sorting. GK’s patented flat-stroke conveyor technology, combined with multiple lanes, sound deadening troughs, reduce worker fatigue […]

    SPRAY-COOL™ Water Addition Systems

    General Kinematics SPRAY-COOL™ water addition systems provide precise in-process sand conditioning and cooling of foundry sand. SPRAY-COOL™ improves the efficiency of fluid bed sand coolers and systems based on evaporative […]

    Weigh Hoppers

    General Kinematics Weigh Hoppers allow the crane operator to pre-weigh and batch scrap recipes as the furnace charge feeder is away from home position charging the furnace. Weigh Hoppers can […]

    Delivery Carriages

    Automate your charge area with GK’s mobile delivery carriages. GK’s delivery carriages transport your vibrating charge feeders from the scrap yard to your furnace. Units can be designed to be […]

    Dry / Wet Slag Cooling Conveyor

    General Kinematics Dry Slag Cooling Conveyor eliminates popcorn slag, slag pans, and apron conveyors. With GK’s Dry Slag System, slag is conveyed, cooled indirectly, and transformed into a semi-solid pancake […]

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