Green Sand Foundry

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    Spiral Conveyors: SPIRA-FLOW™

    General Kinematics vibrating SPIRA-FLOW™ Spiral Conveyors offer unmatched performance with added process features. Available in infinite lengths and heights, GK Spiral Conveyors are custom built […]

    Vibrating Charge Feeders

    General Kinematics vibrating furnace charge feeders and charge systems give you precise automated batch control, optional scrap drying and other charge enhancement capabilities. Equally important, […]

    Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers

    General Kinematics Vibratory Fluid Bed Sand Coolers are specially designed for evaporative cooling or drying of foundry sand. Air distribution decks are engineered to provide […]

    Alloy / Inoculant Systems

    General Kinematics Alloy Addition Systems take the guesswork out of your metallurgy. Alloy bins receive and store the ferro-silicone, graphite, or other additions, which is then […]

    TWO-WAY™ Vibratory Feeders

    TWO-WAY™ feeders from General Kinematics open up a wide range of process possibilities. The TWO-WAY™ bi-directional conveyance allows you to alternate material flow for multi-directional […]

    VIBRA-DRUM® Sand Casting Equipment

    Depending on your unique application, different equipment solutions may fit your operations, such as sand preparation, pouring, molding, and casting better than others. In the […]

    VIBRA-FIN™ Bulk Material Cooler / Conditioner

    Uniquely flexible for a wide range of continuous processing needs, GK’s VIBRA-FIN™ indirect sand cooling units are ideally used for heating, cooling, or drying foundry […]

    Charge Pre-Heat Systems

    An Integrated Scrap Pre-Heat Process that Increases Furnace Productivity and Reduces Operating Costs By combining weigh hopper, pre-heat hood, material transfer, and furnace charging into […]

    Shot Collection and Reclamation Solutions

    Collection GK vibrating solutions for shot collection integrate into existing and new shot blast installations to collect, screen, and redistribute shot back into the cleaning […]

    Blast Load Feeders

    General Kinematics vibrating Blast Load Feeders offer unparalleled flexibility in system design and efficiency. Vibrating Blast Load Feeders can be designed to index forward, backward, up, […]

    Charge Make-up Solutions

    Speed up charge cycles and accurately weigh your charge material with GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions. With GK’s Charge Make-up Solutions, materials are loaded into either […]

    DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryers and Cooling Drums

    GK’s DUCTA-COOL™ Rotary Dryer and Cooling Drum combines sand cooling, sand and casting separation, and casting cooling in one efficient rotary drum. Gentle tumbling action, coupled […]

    DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator

    The DUCTA-SPRUE® Rotary Sprue Cleaner / Consolidator combines innovative patented rotary technology with GK’s proven vibratory material transfer equipment to give you a long-lasting, easy to […]

    Sorting Conveyors

    General Kinematics vibratory Sorting Conveyors for post-blast processing present castings for easy access and sorting. GK’s patented flat-stroke conveyor technology, combined with multiple lanes, sound […]

    SPRAY-COOL™ Water Addition Systems

    General Kinematics SPRAY-COOL™ water addition systems provide precise in-process sand conditioning and cooling of foundry sand. SPRAY-COOL™ improves the efficiency of fluid bed sand coolers […]

    Weigh Hoppers

    General Kinematics Weigh Hoppers allow the crane operator to pre-weigh and batch scrap recipes as the furnace charge feeder is away from home position charging […]

    Delivery Carriages

    Automate your charge area with GK’s mobile delivery carriages. GK’s delivery carriages transport your vibrating charge feeders from the scrap yard to your furnace. Units […]

    Dry / Wet Slag Cooling Conveyor

    General Kinematics Dry Slag Cooling Conveyor eliminates popcorn slag, slag pans, and apron conveyors. With GK’s Dry Slag System, slag is conveyed, cooled indirectly, and […]

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