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General Kinematics’ Top Ten GK Blog Posts of All Time



Heading into a new year and a new decade, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at some of the highlights. Take a look at the most popular GK blog posts of the 2010s:

recycling numbers

1.) The Different Types of Plastics and How They are Recycled

This breakdown of commonly used plastics explains the recycling symbols commonly found on plastic bottles and containers. A crowd favorite for years, this blog post has been on the must-read list for more than half a decade.


batch processing vs continuous flow processing

2.) Batch Processing VS. Continuous Flow Processing


Batch processing and continuous flow processing each have their benefits, but which process is the better model? Take a look at how they measure up in one of the top GK blog posts of all time.



3.) A Brief History of Mining: The Advancement of Mining Techniques and Technology


When we think of mining, many of us picture a pickaxe or a certain seven-person mining team whistling their way into a tunnel covered in diamonds. However, the reality of this age-old profession is much more complex and interesting. Learn about the history and evolution of mining in our 3rd most popular blog of all time.


Keeping with the topic of mining our next two popular posts dive into the world of copper and tin mining. Learn about the specific processes and challenges that come with the mining of these popular metals.


Copper Element

4.) Copper Mining and Processing: Everything You Need to Know



tin mining and processing

5.) Tin Mining and Processing: Everything You Need to Know



6.) The Metal Casting Process Explained


Coming in at number six we dive into the world of Metal Casting. Learn about the processes of taking raw metals and turning them into products through the practice of metal casting.


Resource Recovery

7.) The Cost of Starting a Full Force Recycling Program


The recycling industry is always growing, with new recycling facilities popping up seemingly overnight. Get a “behind the scenes” view of the challenges and cost of starting up your own “Full Force Recycling Program”.


zinc mining and processing

8.) Zinc Mining and Processing: Everything You Need to Know


Returning to the topic of Mining. Dive into the unique process of Zinc Mining and learn what it takes to process this popular metal. 


Did you know that the average modern electronic device uses more than 35 different minerals? Read more about this and other fun mining facts in our 9th most popular blog post!



9.) 7 Fun Facts About The Mining Industry



10.) Wood Plastic Composite Uses and Benefits


A wonderful use for recycled materials, WPC is on the rise. Learn more about this amazing material in number ten of the most popular GK blogs of all time!


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