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General Kinematics Standard Feeders

 by Jack McLellan,

Our previous blogs in our standard feeder sizes series discussed the features and benefits of General Kinematics UN-COALERⓇ and PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ feeders. In addition to these two models, we have a few other standard feeders with slightly more specialized applications. While they are similar to the others, there are a few key differences in application and features that we have outlined below.

AIR-DUO Pneumatic Feeder Drives


The AIR-DUO Pneumatic Feeder Drive from General Kinematics puts more energy into your feeding systems than standard pneumatically driven feeder designs. Utilizing a two-mass spring system, the AIR-DUO amplifies energy to do more work with less energy. Finite control of product flow rate is accomplished with the simple turn of a valve. AIR-DUO is an add-on to GK’s S-SERIES feeders and other vibratory equipment.

Here are a few of the AIR-DUO pneumatic feeder Drive’s features:

  • AIR-DUO drive requires minimal energy to produce maximum results.
  • Low maintenance design for increased uptime.
  • Optional controls are available to integrate into existing systems.
  • Provides a wide range of feed rates in a single unit for optimizing processes throughout.

Vibratory Rock Screens / Feeders


Heavy-Duty Rock Screens / Feeders accept dump loads before crusher operations. Custom-designed for your application, units can be outfitted with any type of grizzly or screen deck for optimal separation of materials before further processing.


  • Heavy-Duty design withstands extreme usage and environments.
  • GK’s two-mass design reduces electrical requirements and power consumption.
  • Available with various deck, screen, and feed configurations to optimize your process configuration.

S-Series Standard Series Vibratory Feeders

The General Kinematics builds S-SERIES Standard Series Vibratory Feeders to handle a wide range of light-duty, free-flowing products, including:

  • Foods
  • Ingredients
  • Chemicals
  • And more

These feeders can be customized using two mass or brute force drive electro-mechanical drive systems or pneumatic drives. If you have other specific needs, such as stainless steel or hooded models, we can custom-make them to fit your operational needs.


Some of the key features of the S-Series Standard Series Vibratory Feeders include:

  • A wide range of sizes for various applications.
  • Pre-engineered models are cost-effective.
  • Simple design with energy-saving low-hp motorized drive.
  • Easy-to-maintain FRP leaf springs.
  • An isolated base with leaf springs produces a low dynamic reaction.
  • Units can be base mounted or suspended overhead.

Want to Learn More About Our Vibratory Feeders?

General Kinematics offers a wide selection of vibrating feeders and other vibratory equipment. If you want to learn more about our vibrating feeders, click here. Or, if you’d like a specialist to walk you through the best fit for your manufacturing process, contact an expert today.

Jack McLellan

Marketing Coordinator

Jack specializes in creating compelling digital marketing content such as social media, blog posts, newsletters, and more. He works with General Kinematics industry experts to develop educational content for the foundry, recycling, mining, and aggregate industries.