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A PARA-MOUNT II Vibratory Feeder in a Foundry

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Features and Applications

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Features and Applications

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders provide superior, unequaled performance in adjustable or fixed-rate feeding applications. Their ability to handle material headload without damping permits large hopper openings to promote the flow of materials, eliminate plugging, and substantially reduce headroom requirements. Variable stroke control assures the accurate, uniform flow of material regardless of line voltage or frequency fluctuations.Para-Mount II Vibrating Feeders

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders may be floor mounted, suspended from steel, or a combination of both. And to suit layout and clearance requirements, the drive can be mounted either above or below the trough.

Sub-Resonant, Two-Mass Drive System

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders utilize the principle of sub-resonant magnification of a small exciting force acting upon a two-mass natural frequency coil spring system. The first mass, consisting of the motor and exciter frame, is separated by precision-engineered steel coil springs from the second mass, the material carrying deck assembly.

Counterweighted wheels mounted on an enclosed vibratory duty motor efficiently produce the small force needed to excite the system. The force created by the spinning counterweight wheels is amplified through the coil reactor springs directly into the deck assembly, resulting in a highly efficient straight-line material feed.

Process Applications

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders are easily adapted for use with many process systems requiring automatic feed control, such as belt scales, batch scales, crushers, screens, ovens, dryers, coolers, mixers, blenders, and others. In addition to controlling material flow from individual hoppers, feeders may be arranged in multiple units for blending or proportioning applications from stockpiles or storage. Individual controls can be tied into load cells, weigh batch hoppers, or weigh belts and respond to centralized control signals. Several feeders can be arranged for proportioning with a master control for varying the system’s output.

Para-Mount II Vibrating Feeder Figure

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders are designed at both fixed and variable rates. The stroke response of the Two-Mass spring system compensates for the material load effect by increasing the mechanical magnification of the spring–weight system. (Figs. 2 & 3). This increases the exciter force, compensating for the material headload and weight effect. This anti-damping characteristic results in accurate volumetric feed-rate control regardless of material headload variations. This eliminates unnecessary bin vibrators and auxiliary flow devices.

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Benefits and Features

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibrating Feeders are the first choice for leading companies in public utility, mining, steel, foundry, sawmill, food processing, cement, and other industries. It’s easy to see why:

  • “VF” variable feed control, with a linear range from absolute zero to maximum feed, provides precise proportional feed adjustment.
  • Quiet operation – Para-Mount IIⓇ vibratory feeders help companies meet all OSHA noise specifications
  • Heavy-duty springs with optional galvanized coating unaffected by moisture and corrosion.
  • Fully enclosed GK vibratory motor – with the option of explosion-proof available.
  • Low Energy Consumption – Para-Mount IIⓇ vibrating feeders use up to 60% less energy than brute force / direct drive feeders.

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Totally Enclosed Vibratory Feeders

PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Enclosed Vibratory Feeders are a variant of the PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ Vibratory Feeders explicitly designed for environments where dust containment is required. This model of feeder can include flexible connections, a bed depth regulating plate, and inspection doors to make installation, operation, and maintenance easy and swift.

Some of the key features include:

  • Two-Mass, sub-resonant natural frequency self-compensating design automatically adjusts to material head load and weight changes, maintaining a constant feed rate regardless of load.
  • The ability to operate under head loads allows full-size hopper openings. This reduces material bridging and plugging and the need for separate vibrating hoppers or other flow-enhancing equipment.
  • Fully enclosed motors (explosion-proof available) and other drive components are fully accessible for easy service.

High-Stroke Feeders

General Kinematics high-stroke Para-Mount IIⓇ Vibratory feeders are designed for an increased stroke, resulting in enhanced presentation and material separation. The high stroke results from General Kinematics’ Two-Mass drive system, which uses a low horsepower drive to create an exciting force. The exciting force is amplified through the reactor spring network into the feeder. Feeders come in standard industry sizes to fit into existing applications or can be custom designed to fit into your unique process:

  • Energy saving Two-Mass natural frequency drive produces a high stroke using one low rpm motor.
  • Isolation mounts reduce dynamic load transmission to support structure.
  • Rugged formed steel trough resists “sticking” and product buildup.
  • Full-length abrasion-resistant plug welded liner.
  • Easy-to-service foot-mounted motor.
  • Optional bases designed for easy retrofit in existing installations.

Want to Learn More About the PARA-MOUNT IIⓇ?

To learn more about the PARA-MOUNT II, check out some of our resources below: 

If you have any additional questions or want to get in touch, contact us today, and one of our experts will be happy to provide you with more information.

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