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Reduce energy use up to 60% over brute force feeders.


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Para-Mount II Vibrating Feeders provide superior, unequalled performance in either adjustable or fixed rate feeding applications. Their ability to handle material headload without damping permits large hopper openings to promote the flow of materials, eliminate plugging, and substantially reduce headroom requirements. Extended range stepless, positive variable stroke control assuresaccurate, uniform flow of material regardless of line voltage or frequency fluctuations.



Para-Mount II feeders may be floor mounted or suspended from cables with steel, rubber, or pneumatic isolation springs. And to suit layout and clearance requirements, the drive can be mounted either above or below the trough.



Sub-resonant, two-mass drive system
Para-Mount II feeders utilize the principle of sub-resonant magnification of a small exciting force acting upon a two-mass natural frequency coil spring system. The first mass, consisting of the motor and exciter fram, is separated by precision engineered steel coil springs from the second mass, the material carrying deck assembly.



The small force needed to excite the system is efficiently produced by counterweighted wheels mounted on a totally enclosed vibration design motor with double extended shafts. Centrifugal force produces the desired motion which is amplified by the coil reactor springs and transmitted directly to the deck assembly, resulting in highly efficient straight-line feed of material.



Process Applications
Para-Mount II vibrating feeders are easily adapted for use with many process systems requiring automatic feed control, such as belt scales, batch scales, crushers, screens, ovens, dryers, coolers, mixers, blenders, and others. In addition to controlling flow of material from individual hoppers, feeders may be arranged in multiple units for blending or proportioning applications from stockpile or storage. Individual controls can be tied into load cells, weigh batch hoppers or weigh belts and respond to centralized control signals. Several feeders can be arranged for proportioning with a master control for varying the total output of the system.



Operation Under Head-Load



The Para-Mount II vibrating feeders, both fixed and variable rate, are designed so the stroke response of the two-mass spring system compensates for the material load effect by increasing the mechanical magnification of the spring – weight system. (Figs. 2 & 3). This results in an automatic increase if the exciter force, which compensates for material headload and weight effect. This anti-damping characteristic results in accurate volumetric feed-rate control regardless of material headload variations. This permits larger hopper openings to prevent bridging of materials – saving headroom and eliminating unnecessary bin vibrators and auxiliary flow devices.



Para-Mount II Vibrating Feeders are first choice for leading companies in the public utility, mining, steel, foundry, sawmill, food processing, cement, and other industries. It’s easy to see why:



  • Para-Mount II Vibrating Feeders automatically compensate for material headloads and weight effect to maintain constant feed.
  • “VF” variable feed control, with linear range from absolute zero to maximum feed, provides precise proportional feed adjustment.
  • “VF” control allows vibrating feeders handling sluggish materials to be installed at up to 15 degrees decline and still provide full range stable flow control.
  • Full size hopper opening reduces bridging and assures free flow of material by vibrating material in hopper throat – eliminates requirements for vibrating hoppers.
  • Feed rate unaffected by line voltage or frequency fluctuations.
  • Quiet operation – Para-Mount II vibratory feeders meet all OSHA
    noise specifications.



  • Reinforced vibrating feeder trough frame with replaceable decks.
  • Simple rugged feeder drive construction with complete accessibility.
  • Low frequency and longer stroke result in simplified low-stress feeder design and quiet, dependable operation.
  • Heavy-duty springs with optional galvanized coating unaffected by moisture and corrosion.
  • Fully enclosed GK vibratory motor – with the option of explosion proof available.
  • “VF” control provides smooth “stop and resume” feed – even at minimum rates. Responds accurately to belt scale or load cell signal.
  • Low Energy Consumption – Para-Mount II vibrating feeders use up to 60% less energy than brute force / direct drive feeders.

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