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GK Live from the Lab

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Take the guess work out of it. Be certain with General Kinematics

 by Sarah Maher,

Choosing a supplier for new processing equipment sometimes requires a leap of faith. Processing materials in a lab can be very different from how your equipment will work in a production environment. How does the equipment behave when processing the material at capacity? GK has demonstrated this for customers in our production shop since day one. What was missing though, was a more controlled environment.


For this reason in 2004, General Kinematics broke ground on a new state of the art 2,100 square foot Process Lab and Application Lab complete with the latest Processing Equipment available. This area is dedicated to ensuring that your materials will achieve optimal results with GK vibratory equipment. We give customers the chance to witness testing in our lab to ensure confidence in your capital equipment purchase.

The GK R&D Laboratory includes:

DE-STONER® Air Classifier with drop out box, and horizontal classifier

Fluid Bed Dryer, Cooler, Classifier

VIBRA-MILL® Vibratory Batch Sand Reclamation

VIBRA-CLAIM® Shakeout / Attrition Mill

VIBRA-DRUM® Grinding Drum

FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibratory Screen

High Stroke Feeders and various other vibratory conveyors


The R&D team at General Kinematics work closely with the engineers that design and build your equipment. With years of experience and expertise, you can be sure that your test results will be accurate. Whether your industry is Foundry, Recycling, Mining, or Bulk & Powder, we provide customers the flexibility to witness testing in person at the GK lab or via a private video link.




Fluid bed Lab

Our small batch test facility allows for quick and accurate calculation of material characteristics and parameters to determine scale up and process air requirements.


Materials Lab

GK takes a full-service approach to processing your product, including analysis when required. Our materials lab capabilities include wet and dry particle analysis, moisture analysis, microscopic imaging, convey ability and more.


Classification / Screening Lab

Sorting Materials is a specialty in the GK lab. If you need to screen, sort, classify, or separate products by size or material type, GK has the vibratory technology to achieve your goals.


Foundry Lab

From casting shakeout to cooling to sand and dross reclamation, testing your castings and sand in the GK Foundry lab will verify the results you are looking to achieve prior to purchase.


General Kinematics understands the importance of our customers’ intellectual property and promotes confidentiality throughout the testing process. Once you’ve decided to proceed with material testing, sending your material is easy! Just follow these steps:

general kinematics equipment testing

Testing In Action

In a recent test of Auto Shred Residue (ASR), General Kinematics received the material and began evaluating processes available before selecting the Double Barrel Grinding Drum. Steve Massman (GK’s Technical Director for Grinding applications) along with Dick Reeves (GK’s Resource Recovery Industry Director) consulted with GK’s engineering and R&D teams, prior to commencing with initial testing. These preliminary efforts enhanced the materials processing testing and enabled the team to find the optimal settings to yield the best results.


Once these settings were established, the test was repeated multiple times to ensure the result was consistent. When the customer arrived for their testing demonstration, it became a collaborative event once more between GK and the customer, thereby further ensuring that what was processed met and exceeded their expectations. Seeing the process and results first hand, allowed them to make an informed decision before proceeding.


Whether you’re looking to screen, sort, classify, separate, shake, dry, cool, feed, convey, or fine grind, GK can demonstrate how this will be accomplished with our vibratory technology. We believe you should know what you’re getting before you make any major investments, and provide confidence in solutions that work and innovations to improve.


Contact us today to schedule your R&D demonstration!