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A better idea for reclaiming

General Kinematics UN-COALER® combines material activation and two feeders into a single, compact, high performance vibratory unit. Rather than the bulk and expense of separate bin activator and feeder machines, the UN-COALER® combines activation and feeding functions into a single unit. And with far superior results:

  • Maximum material drawdown without flushing, compacting, or manual manipulation.
  • Elimination of ratholing, bridging, and segregation.
  • Eliminates need for impact idlers at loading point.
  • Uniform and centered belt loading to prevent belt tracking problems.
  • Less expensive installation costs. Simplified concrete work, elimination of costly feeder skirts, flow and shutoff gates.
  • Dramatic headroom savings.
  • Dependable, proven vibratory operation with fixed or infinitely variable feed rates.
  • Simplified hopper design with easy, straight line dust sealing.
  • Complete service access from the tunnel.
  • Versatile control options and automated operation for selective reclaiming, or variable feed rates.
  • Accommodation of hopper openings from 4 ft. square to 12 ft. square, providing wide capabilities in reclaim volume.
  • Exceptional overall cost savings.


How the UN-COALER® Works

The UN-COALER® is designed to perform three distinct operations… activation, feeding, and centralized belt loading… all simultaneously, and through the same machine.

Pile Activation
The archbreaker section of the UN-COALER® is contoured with a dome or wedge shape to provide proper pile activation. In operation, horizontal vibration of the archbreaker imparts motion to the headload, energizing the material above in a radiating cone pattern.

Twin Flow Discharge
Material enters the UN-COALER® on both sides of the archbreaker, dropping into the curved feeder troughs below. Vibratory action and geometry of the troughs maintains a uniform material flow, even with lignite or other sluggish materials with high particle friction.

Belt Loading
Material from the feeder troughs is released directly over the belt centerline through a transverse slot running the full length of the UN-COALER®. Load uniformity on the belt eliminates tracking problems.


UN-COALER® Information

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