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General Kinematics high-stroke Para-Mount II Vibratory feeders are designed with superior transfer and enahnced presentation for increased material separation. The high stroke is a result of General Kinematics two mass drive system, which uses a low horsepower drive to impart vibration to an exciting force which amplifies the amount of energy into the feeder. Feeders come in standard industry sizes to fit into existing applications or can be custom designed to fit into your unique process.





  • Energy saving two-mass natural frequency drive produces a high stroke using one low rpm motor.
  • Isolation mounts reduce dynamic load transmission to support structure.
  • Rugged formed trough resists “sticking” and product buildup.
  • Easy-to-service foot mounted motor.
  • Optional bases designed for easy retrofit in existing installations.
    Full length abrasion resistant plug welded liner.





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