Foundry Equipment

GK is renowned for heavy-duty vibrating equipment including feeders and conveyors for scrap handling, shakeouts for handling any type of castings, and casting cooling equipment designed to do more work in less space

Cleaning Room Equipment


Material Handling and Preparation


Material Reclamation


Sand Handling Equipment


Vibratory Foundry Drums


Rotary Drums and Liners


Other Molding / Shakeout Area Equipment




Bulk Processing Equipment

GK vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers are used throughout bulk and food process facilities. Stainless steel conveyors and more can be used in sanitary environments and they work reliably for years.

Drying, Heating, and Cooling Equipment


Conveying and Feeding Equipment


Material Processors


Densifiers / Loading


Metering / Unloading


Screening / Classification




Recycling Scrap Systems and Equipment

GK recycling equipment is known as the ‘heart’ of sorting systems around the world. Screens, air separators and more can be used throughout the construction & demolition process or other recycling systems/processes.

Recycling Systems


Individual Equipment

Wood Equipment

Scrap Equipment





Parts and Services

No matter what brand of vibratory equipment you have, General Kinematics can help you keep it running strong. GKParts has a huge inventory of replacement springs, stabilizers, motors, and other vibration equipment parts and accessories in stock, ready for same day shipment.